Video Options

In conjunction with the new technologies added to the lecture halls, we have implemented a new digital video infrastructure which has expanded our capabilities in this important area. See below for more details, keeping in mind that most of these new options are tied to the rooms which have cameras built-in (see Classroom Chart). Many of these features are possible in other rooms, but our ability to support video in rooms without cameras is much more limited, and is primarily restricted to special events and unique situations. Contact Media Services staff ( for more information.


Video online for courses - For classes taking place in the rooms with cameras (see Classroom Chart), our capacity to capture and publish video is fairly unlimited. Let us know which lectures you want recorded and we will capture these and automatically publish them to the course website. Each lecture should be ready online within 24 hours, usually same day. For classes in other rooms, we can capture and publish video only for special situations, and turnaround time can be much longer. Contact us for more information -

Video online for events and conferences - For events taking place in the camera-equipped rooms, our videorecording capacity is much higher. For instance, for conferences with multiple simultaneous sessions, we can capture video in multiple rooms with minimal effort. Our publishing turnaround time will also be much faster for events in these rooms.

Capturing projected content - In many of our rooms we also have the ability to record the program feed, which would include whatever content is being projected, such as slides. We can switch back and forth between camera and program feeds as we are recording, and to a composite shot which combines both program and camera. Contact to see an example.

Live webcasting - We now have the ability to provide live webcasting of any events taking place in a camera-equipped room. We may also be able to provide a live webcast for special events in other rooms, contact Media Services staff for more information.

Videoconferencing - We now have videoconferencing capabilities built into 4 of our classrooms (123, 130, 140, 170). Our mobile videoconferencing unit provides for any other room in Boalt with a wired ethernet connection. This allows for remote collaboration for teaching, meetings, job interviews, etc. The primary requirement is that the remote location also has videoconferencing capability. If you are interested in using this technology for an upcoming event or class, please get in touch with us well in advance and we can discuss with you the various options and requirements. It is also important that we have plenty of time to test connections and configurations in both local and remote locations, to ensure smooth operation during the event. Contact Dino Johnson for more information -

Inter-room video broadcast - Video captured from one classroom can be transmitted live and projected in any other classroom in Boalt. Ideal for overflow situations, where attendance exceeds the capacity of your chosen room.

Podcasts - If you are scheduling for a regularly recurring event or class, we can provide a podcast subscription feed link upon request. Podcasting your materials simply allow’s for viewer's to subscribe to the course or series of events using client podcast software (such as “iTunes”), which will automatically download any new events as soon as they are added.