The Empirical Legal Studies Workshop, conducted by Professors Michael Heise, Martin Wells and Dawn Chutkow is intended for professors and students who seek an introduction to the statistical and programming skills needed to conduct quantitative empirical legal research.  No prior training in statistics or in statistical programming is required or assumed. It is expected that Stata Corp. will provide, at no cost to workshop participants, a temporary license for the Stata statistical program. 

Reading assignments will be from Alan C. Acock, A Gentle Introduction to Stata (Revised Third Edition 2012), which is available from the Stata bookstore online.

The workshop requires advance registration and a registration fee of $100 in addition to CELS 2014 registration. Attendees must also become SELS members for the coming year, which is required as part of registering for the conference.

For additional information please contact Michael Heise ( or Dawn Chutkow (  


Registration for the Workshop is now open: