Students in the 2012 Introduction to Mindfulness Course
 Students and instructors in the Fall 2012 offering of the course celebrate completion of the program.

Sustainable Lawyering: An Introduction to Mindfulness for 1Ls

Since Fall 2012, the Mindfulness Initiative has offered a non-credit Introduction to Mindfulness for 1Ls. The course is designed to equip first-year student with skills to be more effective in their studies, and to be balanced and happy during the challenges of first year and beyond.

Student comments:

"A great experience that helped me become a more balanced individual. I really recommend it." 

"Take it. Law school is a stressful experience, especially 1L year. Mindfulness provides you with skills that will be beneficial to you throughout your entire life and there really is no better time to start this practice!"

"I am so pleased with what I have learned and experienced in the 1L Mindfulness Introduction, and I have no doubt that the skills I acquired will be put to use throughout law school and beyond."

For more details on the course, please download the course overview.

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Effective and Sustainable Law Practice: The Meditative Perspective

Since being first offered in 2009, Effective and Sustainable Law Practice: The Meditative Practice has been one of the most popular seminars at Berkeley Law. The course will next be offered in Fall 2014 by Rhonda Magee (under the title Effective and Sustainable Law Practices: A Mindfulness-Based Perspective).

The course introduces students to the practice of mindfulness meditation and explores the ways that meditation practice can help to develop skills that are directly relevant to the work of a lawyer. The seminar explores, from a meditative perspective and through the support of mindfulness-based practices, the ethical responsibilities of the lawyer, the stresses and challenges of the lawyer's life, the management of the complex of emotions that affect the lawyer (including, among others, anger, self-righteousness, sadness, fear of mistake, compassion, indifference and love).

Recent student comments: 
"This is an amazing class for anyone who either has meditated before or is curious about it or just wants to find some more balance between their work and life. Meditation has become such an integral and valuable part of my experience and this class really deepened my practice. It's also a rare opportunity to personally reflect upon how you want your career to be, and also to hear other student's very open and honest struggles with law school and career concerns and soforth. I can't recommend this class enough and I would encourage anyone who will take the experience seriously to take it." 

"Everyone should try to take this class. I wish I started meditating 1L year. Helps tremendously with stress management and forming a more mindful perspective of the practice of law, and life in general."

"Take this class! It will help you reflect on your life and think about the life you want to lead. Meditation is incredibly powerful, and Charlie leads a supportive, wonderful course."