Using Thunderbird

  1. If you would like to check your mail at home without setting up an e-mail client, you can use Webmail , Boalt's web-based e-mail application.
  2. From the Tools menu select Account Settings..
  3. Click Add Account...
  4. The new account setup wizard will open. Make sure that the E-mail account radio button is selected. Click Next.
  5. Enter your name and your full e-mail address. Click next.
  6. Make sure the radio button for IMAP is selected. The incoming mail server is . Click Next.
  7. Enter your full e-mail address as the Incoming User Name. Click Next.
  8. Enter 'Boalt Hall Account' for the account name. Click Next.
  9. Verify your settings and click Finish.
  10. In the accounts list select Server Settings under Boalt Hall Account . Make sure that the radio button next to SSL for security settings is selected.
  11. Click on the Outgoing Server (SMTP) on the left hand side. Click the Edit button.
  12. The SMTP server window will open. Enter Boalt in the description field. Make sure the radio button next to SSL for the security and authentication is selected. Click OK.

  13. Now choose Composition and Addressing in the tree list and click Edit Directories.
  14. If there is already a server called oracleapp the LDAP server has already been set up. If there are no LDAP directory server options, click Add. Enter the following for the server information and click OK.

  15. You are done!