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Getting Started on Your 2L Summer Public Interest Job Search

Believe it or not, it is now time to turn to the process of finding your next summer internship.  Unlike this past year, the 2L summer job search begins as early as August or September for some employers. We generally advise that 2Ls complete their summer job hunt by Thanksgiving to avoid having to compete for positions with 1Ls. However, every year 2Ls secure great internships with nonprofits, private public interest firms, or government entities in the spring as well.

This email will go over some key points and remind you of some key resources to help you land a fantastic summer job next year. As always, you are welcome to meet with us (Melanie, Alex or Eric -- by phone or in person) over the summer to discuss your job search and strategy.

Searching for Jobs: On-Campus Interviewing Programs & On Your Own

As a 2L, your summer job search should be more specific and targeted. You should put some thought into what employer(s) will best give you a competitive advantage for your ideal post-graduate position. Which employers routinely host successful project-based fellows? Which ones hire straight from law school?  Remember also that your classmates have a wealth of knowledge to share--over 200 Berkeley Law students are working at PIPS jobs this summer.  For a general overview of the 2L summer PIPS job search process, please view the recording of our presentation on the topic from April.

By now you should have received important information on our two on-campus interview programs: Early Interview Week (EIW) and the Fall Interview Program (FIP). PIPS employers participate in BOTH programs, so make sure to review our emails carefully.

As of today, the following PIPS employers have registered for Early Interview Week:

Federal Reserve Board San Francisco District Attorney Altshuler Berzon Lieff Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein

In addition, many more PIPS employers will participate in FIP--employers continue to register with us. You can look at who came last year for a quick preview of which employers are likely to participate in FIP this year.

You can of course apply directly to employers on your own. B-Line and remain the best places to find job postings, but you don't need to wait for postings to appear before you can apply.  As there are no restrictions on when you can begin applying, you can go ahead and contact employers over the summer to ask about internships for the summer of 2015. 

Applying for Jobs

Don't forget, the CDO's website has several great resources to help you put together strong cover letters and resumes. If you're in a hurry, you can watch our helpful cover letter or resume webcasts, both under 5 minutes long.

Since strong cover letters and resumes are so important to employers, we encourage students to send drafts to CDO counselors for review before submission (please note our schedules and areas of expertise):

Eric Stern (out 6/25 - 6/27): government agencies and judicial externships

Melanie Rowen (out 7/10 - 7/21): nonprofits, government agencies (including public defenders), private public interest firms

Alex Lee (out 7/28 - 8/4): nonprofits, government agencies (including district attorneys and US Attorneys)

Please make sure to send drafts to a counselor for review no later than July 11th (preferably earlier) to ensure a timely turnaround for EIW!

Getting Help

If you have questions about anything above, please don't hesitate to contact us or make an appointment! We will send additional information and resources for the 2L PIPS summer job search in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned! 6/24/2014