California Asylum Representation Clinic (CARC)

The California Asylum Representation Clinic (CARC) provides law students with the opportunity to assist individuals throughout the asylum process. Participants—primarily 1Ls—gain hands-on experience in providing vital legal assistance to under-served communities in the Bay Area. In partnership with the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, and under the guidance of experienced attorneys and student mentors, students work in pairs to interview clients and draft client declarations; perform legal and factual research on asylum law and country conditions; represent clients at their asylum interviews; and advise clients following a decision on their case. Generously supported by Reed Smith, LLP, CARC has grown into one of the largest student-run projects at Berkeley Law. Since CARC’s inception in1995, more than 750 law students from Berkeley have handled cases for more than 400 individuals seeking affirmative asylum in the United States, with regular annual success rates of greater than 80%. An application for the 2013 academic year is available.

We are grateful to our supporters listed below:

Anabel Lee '11
David B. Oppenheimer