Post-Conviction Advocacy Project (P-CAP)

The Post-Conviction Advocacy Project (P-CAP) trains Berkeley Law students to assist inmates with the parole process. Indigent prisoners regularly receive inadequate representation from board-appointed attorneys and are subsequently unprepared for their parole board hearings. P-CAP seeks justice for these thousands of men and women who may spend the rest of their lives in prison even though they pose no threat to society. Through P-CAP, students can help ensure that prisoners are well prepared and have a fair chance at their hearings. Students will meet their clients about four times per semester, gather documents, prepare clients for the parole board hearing, and help represent clients at that hearing. P-CAP also provides opportunities for students to assist with appeals of prisoners who have been denied parole. Students who choose to do appeals will conduct legal research and help draft writs of habeas corpus. For more information, please contact: UnCommon Law, 220 4th St. Suite 103, Oakland, CA 94607.

We are grateful to our supporters listed below:

Julie Hess
Loren S. Lewallen
David B. Oppenheimer
Select Equity Group, Inc.