Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Awards (COSA)

The Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Awards (COSAs) are presented to individuals and teams who, in addition to performing all their normal job duties with excellence, also demonstrate exceptional initiative in contributing to the UC Berkeley campus community. These awards are among the highest honors bestowed upon staff by the Chancellor. The Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC) established and administers this award program.

Chancellor’s Distinguished Service Award

The Chancellor’s Distinguished Service Award recognizes University faculty, staff, and organizations for outstanding service, other than teaching or research, in a UC Berkeley school, college, or department (academic or nonacademic). As with the Berkeley Citation, the impact of a recipient’s service is of primary importance, but in the case of the Chancellor’s Distinguished Service Award, that impact is intramural.

Berkeley Citation

In 1967–68, when the University of California celebrated its 100th birthday, an honor entitled “The Centennial Citation” was created on the Berkeley campus. Its object was to allow Berkeley to honor members or friends — whether individuals or organizations — that had rendered distinguished or extraordinary service to the University. At the end of the Centennial Year, the campus’s leadership decided to continue the award as the Berkeley Citation.

The Citation may be awarded to a wide range of distinguished people or organizations, academic or nonacademic, whose attainments significantly exceed the standards of excellence in their fields and whose contributions to UC Berkeley are manifestly above and beyond the call of duty. The Citation is not awarded routinely for retirement.

Berkeley Staff Assembly Excellence in Management Awards

The Berkeley Staff Assembly’s (BSA) Excellence in Management Committee seeks to improve the quality of life in the workplace by identifying and publicly recognizing outstanding managers and supervisors.

UC Berkeley currently offers two recognition programs for non-represented employees: the Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Plan . STAR awards can only be awarded to non- represented staff. Compensation funding for represented staff is included in their respective collective bargaining agreements.

STAR Awards at UC Berkeley recognize and reward individuals and teams for exemplary performance and contributions while demonstrating Berkeley's Operating Principles

The STAR Program includes two types of awards: 

Achievement Awards ($ 2,000) recognize sustained, exceptional performance and/or significant contributions over an extended period of time within a major portion of the employee’s area of responsibilities, including performance or project goals above and beyond normal performance expectations. May be awarded to an individual or team. “Teams recognized via Achievement Awards will receive $1,000 per team member.” 

Spot Awards ($500) acknowledge special contributions, as they occur, for a specific project or task accomplished over a relatively short time period. A Spot Award lets employees know that their noteworthy contribution has been noticed. It also recognizes and reinforces the behaviors and values that are important at UC Berkeley. May be awarded to an individual or team. Teams recognized via Spot Awards will receive $500 per team member.

For more information and nomination forms for the STAR awards program go to:

Represented Staff 

Although represented staff are not eligible for STAR Awards they can receive a non-cash award up to a value of $75 in accordance with the non-cash award program. 
Non-Cash Awards 
Recognition Awards (non-cash, up to $75 in value) recognize specific contributions to the departmental mission or strategic plan. Recognition Awards can be in the form of non- negotiable gift cards, certificates, plaques, or a range of preselected items of limited monetary value. Non-cash awards are limited to up to $75 in value.

Below are some ideas for non-cash Recognition Awards and Award Programs:

  • Non-negotiable gift certificates (worth $75 or less), including:
    • Restaurant certificates
    • Merchandise (e.g., department store)
    • Entertainment venue (e.g., theater or cinema)
  • Department recognition plaques, certificates, or personalized articles (e.g., coffee mug entitled "Best Employee of the Year")
  • Peer (co-worker) recognition programs, with plaques, certificates, or personalized articles
  • Employee taken out to lunch by manager

Please review the rules here: