Gratitude Box

There is a box outside of the Main Reading Room where staff can leave gratitude notes for one another. The box is regularly checked and the notes are delivered to the recipient. Make sure to use full names of list an address! 

Appreciation Emails

In just 30 seconds, you can post a public appreciation for one of your colleagues and make their day. Do you know someone who’s already “living” the Operating Principles in his or her work at UC Berkeley? Take a moment to recognize that contribution and provide inspiration to others. These appreciations will be featured on the Kudos page. Any campus employee is eligible to be featured.   

Give a Thank You Card

New UC Berkeley Thank You Cards are now available at no charge so that campus employees can appreciate one another’s excellent work with a memorable keepsake. Cards are free for UC Berkeley employees. Order cards for your department at :

Berkeley Staff Assembly’s Mentorship Program

The BSA Mentorship Program is a volunteer program that pairs experienced UC Berkeley staff from all campus units with staff who are seeking to develop themselves professionally. The program provides a supportive structure in which participants can cultivate contacts, explore challenges, and enhance effectiveness as they design their personal growth and career paths at Berkeley. It also provides the opportunity to gather information, develop peer support, learn more about management, and better understand the UC Berkeley organizational culture.

There are so many other ways to share your appreciation of your co-workers. In addition to the formal programs above, consider any of these ideas:

Acknowledgment of Important Dates/Events

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary (years of service)
  • Retirements
  • Expressions of Sympathy

Other Allowable Gifts (under G-41)

  • Books
  • Flowers
  • Gift Certificates (not exchangeable for cash)
  • Tickets to events
  • Lunches
  • Massages or facials
  • CDs
  • Gift Certificates for catalogs
  • Funny T-Shirts
  • Parking Passes (may not exceed $175/mo. per IRS rule)
  • Transit Passes (may not exceed $100/mo. per IRS rule)
  • Custom plaques, coffee mugs, pencils
  • Balloons
  • Pizza