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The Samuelson Clinic launches a new resources site for its Takedown Project

The Samuelson Clinic is excited to launch, together with the American Assembly at Columbia University, a new resources site for our Takedown Project. Check it out!

The Takedown Project is a collaborative effort housed at UC-Berkeley School of Law and the American Assembly to study notice and takedown procedures. Led by co-PI's Jennifer M. Urban of Berkeley Law and Joe Karaganis of the American Assembly, the project links researchers in the US, Europe, Israel, and other places to mobilize research and work collaboratively to understand this fundamental regulatory system for global online speech. 

The project looks to create greater transparency on these issues, both as a matter of technology sector norms and law, and with respect to both takedown notices and takedown procedures. Only a few providers systematically release notices. None explicitly describe their procedures. Greater transparency is needed in order to understand how this fundamental global regulatory system for online speech works and how it affects senders of notices, intermediary providers, and targets of notices.