Clinic News

The Samuelson Clinic welcomes Catherine Crump as Associate Director and Assistant Clinical Professor of Law


The Samuelson Clinic is pleased to announce that Catherine Crump has accepted an offer to join the Berkeley Law faculty. Crump will join Clinic Director Jennifer M. Urban in the Fall as a new Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and Associate Director of the Samuelson Clinic.

Crump graduated from Stanford Law School in 2004 and clerked for Judge McKeown on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. She is currently a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project. She is also a Non-Resident Fellow at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society.

She has litigated challenges to government surveillance programs, such as the NSA's mass collection of domestic call records, and the Department of Homeland Security's assertion that it can search individuals' laptops and cell phones at the international border absent suspicion. She has argued before numerous federal district and circuit courts, has testified before Congress and the European Parliament, and appears regularly in the national news media. Additionally, she's a FOIA expert, and has led students in FOIA projects with Professor Jason Schultz at the Technology Law and Policy Clinic at NYU. Recently, her research has focused on license plate readers and drone surveillance.

Crump will begin at Berkeley Law on July 1, 2014.