Interdisciplinary Studies

Below is an overview of the courses that have been taught at Berkeley Law in this area. Not every course will be offered in the future and course descriptions, content, and requirements are subject to change. Please browse the Schedule of Classes for more specific information about current and next semester classes, including detailed descriptions and schedules.


Courts and the Image of Justice in Cinema

This seminar examines the social perception of justice and its cultural function, as both a value and a legal institution, as depicted in trials and judgments in films. The films discussed, from various countries and historical periods, provide elements for a comparative study of judicial systems.

Introduction to Law and Economics
Law and Economics Workshop

Law and Literature

Lawyers are involved in a long-term discussion of issues such as causation, moral responsibility and natural law. Sometimes the debate is carried on in jurisprudential, philosophical terms, but it has also been the subject of great narrative works of art. This course examines these artistic precedents.

Law, Economics and Psychology