For Each and Every Child

For Each and Every Child (EEC) is continuing the work of the National Commission on Equity and Excellence.  Its broad mission is to further the Commission's consensus policy principles and strategy, and to support policy change aligned with that substantive strategy.  EEC's work in the near term will focus on three programs:

  1. Dissemination and recruiting allies;
  2. Building a network of resource-rich, network of  hubs defined by either geography (e.g., California) or issue (Common Core implementation); and
  3. Technical assistance, especially to design detailed policy changes.  

Christopher Edley, Jr., Director of the Warren Institute, acted as Co-Chair of the congressionally chartered Equity and Excellence Commission. The Commission's charge was to provide advice to the secretary of the U.S. Department of Education on the disparities in meaningful educational opportunities that give rise to the achievement gap, with a focus on systems of finance, and to recommend ways in which federal and state policies could address such disparities. In 2013, The Commission Report was finalized, and For Each and Every Child became the follow-on initiative, housed within the Warren Institute.

For Each and Every Child is founded on three bedrock values:

  1. Each child must get an instructional strategy effective for that child. This requires a school and school system with the necessary practices and resources, broadly including: early childhood learning, effective teachers, capable principals, appropriate technology, wrap-around and school-site services, effective governance and robust accountability;
  2. Every child must benefit from systemic change, at scale, because it remains true that America should leave no child behind; and
  3. Excellence and Equity must be inseparable endeavors because we will fail at each unless we pursue both.


For further information on For Each and Every Child or the Commission, please contact Sophie Green at, or go to the EEC website at