For Each and Every Child

Partners for Each and Every Child (PEEC) is a project designed to build upon the work of the National Equity and Excellence Commission (please click here for Commission report, For Each and Every Child). Our primary goal is to provide a critical piece of the infrastructure necessary to create a broad, collaborative, multi-sector community working to advance a shared vision of excellence for all students.

In view of the unanimity of so many influential voices, several former Commissioners and donors are mounting an effort, PEEC, to build an infrastructure that will connect and support myriad reform efforts nationwide, that are aligned with the polestar of equity and excellence as defined by the Commission. 

PEEC will build an extensive network of place-based and issue-based hubs comprised of NGOs, researchers and others.  Partners will provide a wide range of services, technical assistance and capacity building to the hundreds of national, state, and local groups we expect to participate in the hubs. PEEC’s capacity and leadership model rely on an active team of organizational Partners drawn from the Commission membership and beyond.

The project is driven by a small staff and closely affiliated with the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute for Law and Social Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, and housed at the Alliance for Excellent Education for administrative and financial purposes.

The provenance of this project—both the comprehensive policy framework together with the specific architecture of the infrastructure strategy—makes it uniquely promising.  We believe we have a rare moment of great opportunity.


Christopher Edley, Jr., Director of the Warren Institute, acted as Co-Chair of the congressionally chartered Equity and Excellence Commission. The Commission's charge was to provide advice to the secretary of the U.S. Department of Education on the disparities in meaningful educational opportunities that give rise to the achievement gap, with a focus on systems of finance, and to recommend ways in which federal and state policies could address such disparities. In 2013, The Commission Report was finalized, and Partners for Each and Every Child became the follow-on initiative, housed within the Warren Institute.


For further information on Partners for Each and Every Child or the Commission, please contact Sophie Green at, or go to the EEC website at