Rachel Kaplan

Rachel KaplanRACHEL L. KAPLAN is the Fellowship Coordinator for the Human Rights Center. Currently a member of the Advisory Committee for the Global Network of Researchers on HIV/AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa, Kaplan previously served as Chair of Communications (2006-2007) and Executive Director (2007-2010) for the organization.  Having spent over a decade working with vulnerable populations within a range of communities, Kaplan's international health research has taken place in Russia, Jordan, and Lebanon. Now focusing on sexual and mental health among sexual minorities, Kaplan's work centers mainly on Beirut, Lebanon. Primarily a qualitative researcher, Kaplan is interested in most-at-risk and hard-to-reach populations and the intersections of gender, culture, sexuality, conflict, and risk. Kaplan holds an MPH from The George Washington University and a PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles.