International & Executive Custom Programs

Sometimes you need a customized training solution. IELE can help.

We create custom trainings for law firms, universities, corporations and government agencies. You let us know what you interested in learning and our team can develop a comprehensive training and pair you with the best faculty, lecturers and practitioners for your needs. We’ve worked with judges, engineers and law firms on topics ranging from negotiations to telecommunications regulations.

Do you want a training for your whole organization? IELE can come to you.

While many of our trainings take place in California at Berkeley Law, we recognize that sometimes it makes more sense for your training to take place where you are located. This is especially the case when you’re hoping to train a large group of people. We’ll still help you design exactly the training you need and identify the best people to travel to you to deliver it.

To start a discussion on how we could help meet your training needs, contact Andrew Guzman.