No-Cost Extensions

A no-cost extension provides Principal Investigators with more time to carry out a project - but not more funding.  This request should be made before the end of an award's activity period.

Request a No-Cost Extension

A Principal Investigator who wishes to request a no-cost extension should contact the Contracts/Grants Specialist for assistance. Many federal awards allow a first-time no-cost extension that can be automatically approved by the Sponsored Projects Office; the Specialist will facilitate requests that fall into this category.

All other requests will require a letter to the sponsor. The Specialist will prepare this document on behalf of the Principal Investigator, using one of the recommended templates, and will forward the request to the Sponsored Projects Office for endorsement.  Endorsed letters may then be submitted to the sponsor for approval of the no-cost extension. 

Keeping the Sponsored Projects Office in the loop with these requests ensures that award records will be properly updated and that Contracts and Grants Accounting won't close an award too early.