bCourses Migration

What: This Spring 2014, the new system that will eventually replace bSpace as the campus’ Learning Management System (LMS) will be rolled out to half the campus. The Law School is participating in this rollout by using bCourses for about half of our courses this coming Spring semester. By Fall 2014 we expect to have all of our courses using bCourses.

Who: Our migration to bCourses will happen in two phases, and the first phase this Spring 2014 will include all tenured and tenure-track faculty as well as lecturers in residence and new incoming adjunct lecturers. The second phase, Fall 2014, will bring in everyone else, including all adjunct lecturers.

Why: bCourses, powered by Canvas, offers an improved user experience, better pedagogical tools and powerful analytics. The instructional technology and design team has been working with Canvas over the last year in a number of ways, both in our online education initiative and with a small number of faculty who piloted it this fall. We are very excited about the ways it can expand and enhance legal teaching at Berkeley Law. Canvas presents similar functions as bSpace within a cleaner and easier to use interface. But it also offers some new tools and a new approach for those faculty interested in using technology to enhance their teaching in pedagogically effective ways.

When: We are giving you early access to your Spring 2014 bCourses site(s), to provide you with plenty of time to prepare for this transition and make use of training and support. Your courses have already been created in the system, with rosters attached (your students do not have access yet). You can log in right now using the link below and begin exploring the system and populating your course site(s) immediately. Our training and support program also begins immediately - see the support page for more information.

How: (to prepare)
1. Schedule a workshop or one-on-one training, or attend a drop-in session.
2. Let us know if you want content migrated over from an old bSpace course (or a bCourses course) bcourses-support@law.berkeley.edu
3. Take a look around your new course site and get acquainted. You will notice that we prepopulated your course with a Getting Started module for your students, as well as empty ‘modules’ for each week of your course to give you a head start.
4. Be sure to add a welcome message to the Getting Started module. We created a blank page with instructions on how to add your message.
5. Populate your course site with content! We can help with that.
6. Publish the site. One important difference between bSpace and bCourses: Your students will not see your site until you ‘Publish’ it. This will allow you to get things set up to your satisfaction before the students start poking around. We can show you how.

See our support page for more information on training and support.