Wireless Access ( Airbears )

Wireless internet access, commonly referred to as "Airbears" or "Wifi", is widely available on the Berkeley Law campus. You can use Airbears wireless internet access to check e-mail, browse the web, and even print from your computer.

Airbears 2

Airbears 2 provides internet access with better privacy and security for the Berkeley community. Once it is set up on your computer or mobile device, it automatically connects to the internet when you are in range of the service. It is recommended that users at Berkeley Law set up Airbears 2 on their devices.

Set up Airbears 2 on your computer, smartphone or tablet


The original Airbears wireless network will continue to be offered alongside Airbears 2 for the immediate future. To access Airbears, only a valid CalNet ID is required to log in.

You may set up a temporary Airbears account for guests to Berkeley Law by visiting the Airbears website. 

Set up an Airbears guest account