Wireless Access ( Airbears )

UC Berkeley's wireless Internet access, known as Airbears, is widely available on the Berkeley Law campus. 

Airbears 2

Berkeley Law recommends that Berkeley Law users set up Airbears 2 on their devices. Airbears 2 provides internet access with better privacy and security because it requires an initial "key" to set it up on your computer or mobile device.

Set up Airbears 2 on your computer, smartphone or tablet


The original Airbears wireless network will continue to be offered alongside Airbears 2 at this time. To access the original Airbears, only a valid CalNet ID is required to log in.

Guest Accounts

You may set up a temporary Airbears account for guests to Berkeley Law by visiting the Airbears website. 

Set up an Airbears guest account