Yvonne Lindgren

Legal Fellow
Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice
University of California, Berkeley School of Law
2850 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 500
Berkeley, CA 94705-7220
Tel: 510-643-6307
Fax: 510-643-7095
Email: yflindgren@law.berkeley.edu

Yvonne Lindgren is the legal fellow at the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at U.C. Berkeley School of Law. She earned a JSD from Berkeley Law in May of 2013 and her J.D. from Hastings College of the Law. Her research and scholarship focuses on reproductive rights and justice, constitutional law, and domestic violence. She has published articles in the Women’s Rights Law Reporter, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & Law, Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, and Domestic Violence Reporter. Her most recent article, The Rhetoric of Choice: Restoring Healthcare to the Abortion Right, was published this spring in Hastings Law Journal. In addition, her work has been excerpted in the casebook Domestic Violence Law and cited in amicus briefs. Yvonne has taught courses in constitutional law, torts, and professional responsibility and has presented her work at numerous academic conferences. She is currently working on an article entitled From Rights to Dignity: Applying the Lessons from Physician-Assisted Death to the Movement for Reproductive Justice that compares the abortion rights movement with the death with dignity movement to consider the limiting effect of constitutional rights status on the ability of rights to be transformed through social movements from a narrow rights framing to broader questions of reproductive justice and dignity.