June 2014 Privacy Law Scholars Conference

The Seventh Annual Privacy Law Scholars Conference
Thursday and Friday, June 5-6, 2014
Hosted by The George Washington School of Law

UC Berkeley School of Law and The George Washington University Law School will be holding the seventh annual Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC) on June 5-6, 2014, at the Marvin Center in Washington, DC.

The PLSC assembles a wide array of privacy law scholars and practitioners from around the world to discuss current issues and foster greater connections between academia and practice. It will bring together privacy law scholars, privacy scholars from other disciplines (economics, philosophy, political science, computer science), and practitioners (industry, legal, advocacy, and government). Our goal is to enhance ties within the privacy law community and to facilitate dialogue between the different parts of that community (academy, government, industry, and public interest).

PLSC is a paper workshop.  There are no published proceedings, and after the event, papers are not available.  Because authors' drafts are works in progress, we do not publicly release these writings, nor do we publicize them (no Tweeting, blogging, etc.), as authors' ideas are often inchoate and need incubation for full development.

At PLSC, papers workshops are led by a "commenter" who facilitates a discussion among participants on an author's paper. Authors are encouraged to participate in "listening" mode. There are no panels or talking head events at PLSC.

All participants are expected to read and be prepared to discuss one paper per session (usually a total of 8 papers), and thus PLSC requires significant preparation.  We recommend that participants devote 1.5 to 2 days of reading to prepare prior to the conference.

The PLSC is an annual event, alternating between Berkeley and GW Law Schools. Participation is by invitation only. Last year, PLSC had 240 participants.

Organizers: Daniel J. Solove and Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Invitations: We typically send invites to PLSC in October.

Abstract and outline submissions: We typically circulate a call for abstracts in October, with a January due date for an abstract only.  This year we are likely to require an outline in addition to a short abstract.  Paper drafts are due Monday, May 5th, a full month in advance of the event.

More details coming.