PI Portfolio

PI Portfolio is a new dashboard in the Cal Answers analytical tool that provides Principal Investigators with information about spending on active awards. At this time, PI Portfolio is not being implemented in Berkeley Law due to the fact that displayed compensation costs (salary and benefits) currently represent estimates only, not actual costs incurred to date.

The Berkeley Law Contracts/Grants Specialist utilizes an award spending-projection template that easily accommodates actual costs and is more closely aligned with the official record. This tool also calculates the impact of future spending, giving Principal Investigators a clear picture of how their decisions affect a budget over the entire life of an award.  A template is prepared for a Principal Investigator each time a SPO Award Notice is received by the Specialist.

In Spring 2014, the campus will launch a new financial sub-ledger, the PeopleSoft Contracts and Grants suite, to integrate with the Berkeley Financial System (BFS 9.2) and other campus systrems. This new suite will include data fields and functionality designed specifically to capture and track the unique requirements of sponsored awards.