Reproductive Justice Working Group

The RJWG is a biweekly interdisciplinary meeting of students, researchers, faculty, staff of reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations, and community members interested in RJ.  The working group’s primary goal is to co-create an environment where participants can deepen their understanding of reproductive justice and develop practical ideas for integrating it into their research and practice. The group explores questions that have plagued efforts to secure reproductive rights and eliminate reproductive oppression. How do statuses such as race, class, gender, and ability influence reproductive possibilities? How has reproductive justice organizing intersected with other social movements?

Sessions include discussing readings about RJ and giving participants feedback on RJ-related works-in-progress (e.g. dissertation prospectus, workplan for a community organization’s RJ event, article draft, conference presentation). Topics have included a history of the RJ movement, adolescent pregnancy, assisted reproductive technology, criminalization of pregnancy, activism, research methods, religion and sexual ethics.

In 2012-13, participants received feedback on projects in various stages. Some of the groups activities include:

  • Acceptance of first-ever review on Reproductive justice for Annual Review of Law and Social Science
  • Development of “Honoring Legacies of Justice” “a Roe v Wade 40th anniversary service of storytelling and music that honors the fullness and messiness of justice work” attended by over 100 community members
  • Presentation at National Women’s Studies Association conference
  • Presentation at UCLA Thinking Gender conference
  • Panel presentations by RJWG members at Pacific Sociological Association conference
  • Receipt of Best Undergraduate Honors Thesis from UCB Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Attending and facilitating sessions at Reproductive Justice: Activists, Advocates, Academics convening (Michigan Meeting on Reproductive Justice)

Coming Soon

  • More details about the Spring 2014 group are here
  • A guide that captures the stories, lessons, and tips from our inaugural year to help you develop your own RJ working group is now available here.