Contracts and Grants

Developing, submitting and managing sponsored projects, research gifts, business contracts and other agreements are complex processes with layers of compliance requirements. It has long been recognized that Berkeley Law faculty require a source of specialized support for these activities.  

We are pleased to introduce the new role of Contracts/Grants Specialist in Berkeley Law and to announce the campus implementations of Phoebe, an online system designed by the Sponsored Projects Office to streamline the process of routing and approving proposals. Together, these new services will transform how we support contract and grant activities in Berkeley Law.  

Our Berkeley Law Contracts and Grants website condenses key material gleaned from the rich repository of campus information into concise explanations, “nutshell” flyers and other resources developed and maintained by the Berkeley Law Contracts/Grants Specialist to serve the particular needs of law school faculty.   


The Berkeley Law Contracts/Grants Specialist is a member of the Finance, Planning & Analysis group and serves as the law school’s designated point of contact with the campus Sponsored Projects Office, Contracts and Grants Accounting and the Business Contracts Office.    

It will be the ongoing challenge of the Specialist to master all of the available information about UC Berkeley’s sponsored project and contract processes and to apply this knowledge for the benefit of the law school. Centralizing this expertise leverages the power of experience gained from repeated practice to streamline and continuously improve these processes for Berkeley Law.  

Berkeley Law Contracts/Grants Specialist Duties (PDF)  

You are encouraged to contact the Berkeley Law Contracts/Grants Specialist as early in the proposal process as possible, ideally as soon as you’ve identified a funding opportunity you would like to pursue:

Meg Garstang, Project/Policy Analyst 4
322 Boalt Hall, 510/642-6469