FSU Staff

Erin Reynolds
Manager, Faculty Support Unit
Phone: (510) 643-1021
Fax: (510) 642-3535
340C North Addition

The Faculty Support Unit (FSU) provides comprehensive administrative and clerical support to law school faculty for their teaching, research, and pro bono activities and to Centers and Programs. Each of the 20 Legal Assistants in the Unit is assigned to a set of faculty and performs a broad range of administrative and support tasks, including legal word processing, editing, legal research, course material compilation and preparation, calendar scheduling, and exam administration and proctoring. Center and Program non-academic staff provide broad analytical, fundraising, accounting, event and conference planning, web publishing, and administrative support to Center and Program faculty leadership.   


Erin manages the day-to-day operations of the Unit and makes faculty-staff assignments. She is the designated administrative supervisor for Center and Program nonacademic staff. Her work schedule during most of the year is Monday - Friday.

Please click here for the current list of faculty-staff assignments or Center and Program staff.