Wednesday, October 9, 2013

UC Berkeley School of Law

On Wednesday October 9, 2013, the Supreme Court of California will hold a special oral argument session at Berkeley Law.  This is the latest in an ongoing series of student outreach programs to improve public understanding of the state court system.  This program reflects the Court’s commitment to ensuring the public has an opportunity to experience its work firsthand and to giving students a forum to participate in and learn from the state judicial process.

This special session will provide the public, law students and local high school students with a unique opportunity to interact with and observe Supreme Court justices, and to experience a constitutional branch of government in action.  To enhance understanding of the proceedings, the Court will post a calendar with expanded summaries of the cases to be argued, as well as links to the parties’ briefing in these cases.  All of this material will be available on the Outreach Sessions page of the Court’s website.

Berkeley Law students and Berkeley undergraduates will be joined by local high school students affiliated with the Constitutional Rights Foundation. Members of the public, the press, and the State Bar are also expected to attend the session.  The event will be broadcast live on the California Channel, enabling anyone to watch the state high court in action.  Before arguments begin, selected student questions will be posed to the justices.


10:00 am

  • Opening Remarks: Special Session
  • (1) S194951 Sander (Richard) et al. v. State Bar of California et al.

1:00 pm

  • (2) S203124 Jerry Beeman and Pharmacy Services, Inc. et al. v. Anthem Prescription Management, LLC et al.; and consolidated case
  • (3) S058019 People v. Contreras (George Lopez) [Automatic Appeal]

Copies of the briefing filed in the three cases to be argued:

Special Oral Argument Session Calendar with descriptions of the cases to be argued:

State Supreme Court hears case that tests public’s right to view bar exam data

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