June Workshop Audio-Video

 Friday, June 7

Emiliana Simon-Thomas - The Scientific Foundations for Mindfulness

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Charlie Halpern - Building a Mindfulness in Law Program

Deborah Calloway - The Joyful Lawyer

Norman Fischer - Meditation and Presentation

Panel - Mindfulness in the Criminal Justice System

Tirien Steinbach - Mindfulness in Clinical Education

Panel: The Student Perspective

Saturday, June 8

Rhonda Magee - Integrating Mindfulness Across the Law School Curriculum

Angela Harris - Reflections on Mindfulness, Social Justice, and Diversity

Len Riskin - Mindfulness and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sujatha Baliga - Mindfulness and Restorative Justice

Mirabai Bush - Reflections on Mindfulness in Education

Panel - Beyond Courses: Bringing Mindfulness Awareness Into Law Schools