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Ordering Your Transcripts for EIW

Every student who plans on participating in EIW will need to order a transcript.

If you plan to participate in EIW, you will need to order your transcript online from the Registrar’s office (from its website, click on “Forms” on the right sidebar menu and then click “Order Online”).  You can designate a mailing address when you order it and they will send it to you, otherwise you can pick it up in person from the Registrar's office. 

In order to insure that you receive your transcript via regular mail prior to August 1st (the Friday before EIW), you will need to submit the online form by Monday, July 14th, 2014 at the very latest. In fact, you should order it as soon as you can (after you verify the information on it via TeleBEARS), in order to avoid any last minute crunch of requests.

Once you receive your transcript, you will need to make enough photocopies to distribute to each of your interviewers during EIW, so be sure to build in sufficient time to do this before the first day of interviews (you will not have the ability to make photocopies at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza during EIW). You should also have several extra photocopies in case an employer asks you for one during one of your visits to a hospitality suite.  You will not have the ability to make photocopies at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza (the interview location) during EIW.

Keep in mind that EIW employers are interested in reviewing your transcript essentially for the purpose of determining how well you did in the courses that you have completed. By and large, they are not using the transcript to determine the classes in which you are enrolling (or have enrolled) for the coming semester, though they may well ask you that during an interview or you may well want to volunteer the classes you are signed up for to signal your interest in a particular practice area.

Accordingly, don’t put off ordering your transcript because you are concerned that the very latest changes/additions/deletions in your course enrollment do not appear on it. The key data that must be accurate for employers are your grades.

You should take full advantage of Phase II of the TeleBEARS process to complete your enrollment and check BearFacts to insure the accuracy of all your personal information before placing your transcript order.

Questions about EIW? Contact the CDO.

Questions about your transcript or the ordering process? Contact the Registrar’s Office.