Photo Gallery

International Humanitarian Law Workshop for Students -- January 2013


  IHL Workshop faculty and students



Workshop organizers
Anne Quintin (ICRC) and Kate Jastram (Berkeley Law)




Workshop faculty
Front row (from left): Todd Lindquist, Gary Solis, Owen Bishop, Christopher Jenks
Back row (from left): Kate Jastram, Andrea Harrison, Anne Quintin, Eric Sigmund
Not pictured: Gabor Rona and Beth Van Schaack



 Gary Solis (Georgetown University and George Washington University)
and Kate Jastram (Berkeley Law)


 Beth Van Schaack (Dept. of State) and Christopher Jenks (Southern Methodist University)
chatting at the workshop reception




 Regional Red Cross CEO Harold Brooks speaking with students at reception



 Gabor Rona, International Legal Director, Human Rights First



Prof. Christopher Jenks, Southern Methodist University



 Major Owen Bishop (U.S. Air Force), TJAGLCS



 Major Owen Bishop (TJAGLCS) and Andrea Harrison (ICRC)



 Panel on "Careers in the JAG Corps"
(from left) Todd Lindquist, Gary Solis, Owen Bishop, Christopher Jenks




 Major Todd Lindquist (U.S. Army), TJAGLCS




 Eric Sigmund (American Red Cross) and Kate Jastram (Berkeley Law)



Senate panel for final simulation exercise
(from left) Maya Avci (UC Davis), Saba Ahmed (Berkeley Law),
Amadou Bocoum (Golden Gate University),
Janelle Hutchinson (Syracuse University), Rachit Ranjan (Berkeley Law)


IHL Certificate Ceremony