January 2013 Music Business Seminar



Berkeley Center for Law & Technology
California Lawyers Association
Sports and Entertainment Law Society of Berkeley Law


Music Business Seminar 2013:

Fast Forward! Protecting and Selling Music in the Digital Age

Saturday, January 26, 2013
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Booth Auditorium
UC Berkeley School of Law

Panel Topics

  • Creative Music Licensing
  • The Live Music Business
  • Artist Management
  • The Streaming Music Business

Breakout Sessions

  • Creative Collaborations and Partnerships
  • Music Licensing Basics
  • The Role of Labels in the Digital Age


For more information or to register visit the conference page at:
Mangosoft v Oracle brief

LUX v. BrightBlue briefs

Lemley - Durie -- Reason

Louboutin v YSL 2d Cir 2012.pdf  

WNET v Aereo Opinion-2d ...2786.pdf 

Cartoon Network v SCS
UMG v Veoh - 9th Cir 2013.pdf 
Cariou v Prince - 2d Cir 2013.pdf 
Polar Shock Briefs.pdf  (223 KB)
Chrysler v Moda - Import...2013.pdf