Rough Waters and Shifting Sands

Presented by the Municipal Law Institute of the League of California Cities® and the California Constitution Center of UC Berkeley School of Law

February 8, 2013 at the UC Berkeley School of Law

The symposium will be on the California Constitution and will include a panel on individual rights, focusing on the California Constitution’s unique provisions on religion and privacy; a panel on water rights under the California Constitution; and two panels on the relationship between the state and local governments under the California Constitution, with one panel focusing on  revenue and finance issues, in general, and post-redevelopment issues, in particular, and with one panel looking at the general powers of cities and focusing on the difference between general law and charter cities and on the current trend to limit the powers of both general law and charter cities.

Approved for 5.75 hours MCLE Credit.

Original photo courtesy of Kangotraveler.