Policy Advocacy Clinic Sit-Lie Report

New Report Faults Berkeley's "Measure S," the "Sit-Lie" Initiative

Report finds no evidence that Measure S will increase economic activity or improve homeless services

Berkeley, CA, Oct. 19, 2012….When Berkeley voters go to the polls on November 6, 2012, they will decide whether to enact Measure S, an ordinance that would ban sitting on sidewalks during business hours in the city’s commercial districts. Proponents of Measure S argue that the ordinance will increase economic activity (“saves jobs”) and increase access to homeless services (“helps people”). But a new research report by the UC Berkeley School of Law Policy Advocacy Clinic finds no evidence that either of these goals is likely to be achieved. 

Read the full report here: Does Sit-Lie Work: Will Berkeley’s “Measure S” Increase Economic Activity and Improve Access to Homeless Services? (pdf).