November 21, 2014

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Mills College
2014 Latinas Empowered for Action Regional Training

LEA trainings provide a safe space for Latin@s and all attendees to explore issues of reproductive justice through a Latina lens that holds the whole person at the center of the work. This LEA training offers interactive activities to engage participants and challenge held assumptions as well as unspoken gender, sexuality, and reproduction privileges while making connections to the way policy affects our everyday lives. LEA brings to light the health access issues faced by Latinas and women of color and engages participants to step up their advocacy! For more information, please contact Gabriela Valle at or at 213-270-5258. To register, click here.

September 8, 2014

12:45-2:00 PM
170 Boalt Hall - Koret Room
The Roberts Court and Women

On September 8th, CRRJ will convene a panel to discuss cases decided by the Roberts Court that have had a particularly profound impact on women, including McCullen v. Coakley and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby from the previous term. Join panelists Prof. Melissa Murray (Berkeley Law), Beth Parker (Planned Parenthood Affil. of CA), Dipti Singh (National Health Law Program, and moderator Jill Adams ’06 (CRRJ). Event is free and wheelchair accessible. Cosponsors include Berkeley American Constitution Society and Berkeley Law Students for Reproductive Justice, California Law Review, Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice and Women of Color Collective at Berkeley Law.

September 20, 2014

1:45 – 2:45 PM
132 South Addition
Trends, TRAPs, Trials, and Triumphs in the 2010s

CRRJ will present a dynamic discussion on law and policy related to reproductive rights and the cultural and political shifts undergirding them in at Alumni Weekend. Panelists, including Faculty Director Kristin Luker and Executive Director Jill E. Adams '06, will give an overview of mounting state-level restrictions on access to reproductive healthcare and the challenges brought against them. California and its proactive policymaking efforts will be highlighted, as will long-term strategies to realize rights for marginalized communities whose reproductive decisions have been forced, coerced, or denied. This program will provide one (1.0) Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit applied to the Areas of Professional Practice requirements.

June 19, 2014

3:30 – 5:00 PM
ACCESS Women’s Health Justice
Law Students for Reproductive Justice Summer Intern Training on Reproductive Rights Law & Justice

Jill Adams to anchor panel about welfare family caps and the effort to repeal California’s Maximum Family Grant Rule, which denies cash aid to babies born into families receiving CalWORKS.

April 9, 2014

4:00 - 6:30 PM
UC Berkeley
370 Dwinelle Hall
Conversations on Reproductive Justice


This exciting afternoon will include a discussion of the many ways local and national advocates and scholars engage reproductive justice, followed by a dialogue on RJ’s past , present, and future featuring: Sujatha Jesudason PhD, founding director of CoreAlign and researcher at ANSIRH & Loretta Ross, founder of SisterSong and noted women's rights author and activist guided by Samara Azam, executive director of ACCESS Women's Health Justice Sponsored by the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law and the Center for Race & Gender.

Click here for more information and to register.

March 25, 2014

State Capitol

Jill E. Adams to testify before the California Senate Health and Human Services Committee at hearing on Senate Bill 899 (Mitchell) Repeal the Maximum Family Grant Rule. For video of the hearing on the California Legislative Information website, click here. Adams's testimony begins at 1:17.




March 13, 2014

2:30 - 3:45 PM
Mills College

Center Director Jill E. Adams to give guest lecture in Professor Edith Kinney’s Women & the Law class on Mills College campus.

March 18-20, 2014

12:45 - 1:45 PM
Warren Room (295 Simon Hall)

It's Rape: A Reframing of Domestic Child Trafficking
Thelton T. Henderson Center on Social Justice, Ruth Chance Lecture with Spring 2014 Practitioner-in-Residence Malika Saada Saar, Director, Human Rights Project for Girls; Special Counsel on Human Rights at The Raben Group

December 12, 2013

6:30 PM
Ninth Street Independent Film Center
Young Lakota

Incite Pictures/Cine Qua Non, in co-sponsorship with the International Indian Treaty Council, the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law, the Women Donors Network, Groundswell, Ibis Reproductive Health, ACCESS Women's Health Justice, and the ACLU of Northern California are excited to announce a free screening of Young Lakota, Incite's recently completed documentary that chronicles a political battle over reproductive rights and tribal sovereignty on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The film will be followed by a panel discussion on Native women and the struggle for reproductive justice featuring Cecilia Fire Thunder (Oglala Sioux, Former Tribal President), Charon Asetoyer (Comanche, Native American Women's Health Resource Center), Rochelle Diver (Anishinaabe, International Indian Treaty Council), and Katrina Maczen-Cantrell (Shoshone, Women’s Health Specialists), and moderated by Vanessa Daniel (Groundswell).

View the trailer HERE.
Trailer The event is free. Register HERE.

November 14, 2013

“Truly a Women of Color Organization: Race, Gender, and Production of Intersectional Organization Identity”
4:00 – 5:30 PM
691 Barrows Hall

Zakiya Luna will discuss race, gender, and social movements, based on her practical experience and research on the reproductive justice movement as part of “Race and Social Movements: What Reproductive Justice Teaches Us.” The presentation is part of the Center for Race and Gender’s Thursday Forum Series.

For more information, click here.

October 7, 2013

“Remaking Public Sex”
12:30 - 1:45 PM
2240 Piedmont Ave

Affiliated Faculty Melissa Murray will present a forthcoming paper entitled, “Remaking Public Sex” at the Center for the Study of Law and Society’s annual speaker series.

October 4, 2013

Speech, Symbols, and Substantial Obstacles: The Doing and “Undue”ing of Abortion Law since Casey
110 Boalt Hall | 132 Boalt - Overflow Room | Warren Room - Reception

The Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice will present a daylong, interdisciplinary symposium at Berkeley Law on Friday, October 4, 2013.

Thought leaders from diverse disciplines will examine the constitutive power and widespread impact of current laws related to abortion in the United States. Discussion will focus on Planned Parenthood v. Casey’s undue burden standard; the way this “standardless standard” is playing out in courts across the country, altering people’s access to and experience of abortion care. How have legal frames influenced the public’s understanding of abortion and its perceptions of those who seek abortions? How do abortion regulations interact with other areas of law, including freedom of speech? How do abortion restrictions harm individuals, families, and communities, threatening access to services, compelling parenthood, and compounding other forms of marginalization?

Please click here for details.

September 29, 2013

Access to Justice Award

CRRJ and Visiting Researcher Dr. Elena Gutiérrez won Access to Justice Awards for high-impact research with “Bringing Families out of ‘Cap’tivity: the Need to Repeal the CalWorks Maximum Family Grant Rule.” The awards were presented by ACCESS Women’s Health Justice at its 20th anniversary celebration in Oakland. Other 2013 Access to Justice awardees were: Renee Bracey Sherman for Practical support and overnight housing; Alissa Perrucci and the Women's Options Center for Excellence in Counseling for Abortion Care; and Mardi Kildebeck and the Mary Wohlford Foundation as a model funder for reproductive health, rights, and justice.




August 10, 2013

12:00 – 1:30
Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers
“Reproductive Justice: An Intergenerational Examination of History and the Future “

Zakiya Luna and Kristin Luker, along with Stephanie Alvarado, Dorothy Roberts, and Jeanne Flavin discussed reproductive justice in front of a packed audience at the Sociologists for Women in Society annual conference.

12:00 – 1:30Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers“Reproductive Justice: An Intergenerational Examination of History and the Future “Zakiya Luna and Kristin Luker, along with Stephanie Alvarado, Dorothy Roberts, and Jeanne Flavin discussed reproductive justice in front of a packed audience at the Sociologists for Women in Society annual conference.


August 9, 2013

4:00 – 6:00
Midtown Manhattan

Attendees enjoyed a CRRJ networking reception for scholars of reproduction and local reproductive health, rights, and justice advocates on August 9th in New York City. The reception was followed by the monthly NYC Reproductive Health Happy Hour.





July 27, 2013

3:40 – 5:00
Berkeley Law
“The Movement: Who we Are and Where Are we Going?”

Jill E. Adams and Alicia Walters (CoreAlign) shared their insights and reflections about the past, current, and future composition of the reproductive justice movement and its prospects for success at the annual Law Students for Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute. They addressed the roles of power, privilege, and oppression in movement dynamics, as well as tools and opportunities to build and strengthen its constituencies.

June 25, 2013

12:00 – 1:30
Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center
“Combating New Attacks on Reproductive Freedom”

CRRJ Executive Director, Jill E. Adams, to discuss national landscape of laws, policies, and regulations restricting access to reproductive healthcare. Co-panelists include Phyllida Burlingame, Reproductive Justice Policy Director, ACLU of Northern California, and Beth Parker, Chief Legal Counsel, Planned Parenthood Affiliates. “Combating New Attacks on Reproductive Freedom” will be part of The Elizabeth J. Cabraser 2013 Summer Brown Bag Lectures in Public Interest Law.

Forty years after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Roe v. Wade, the fight for reproductive justice continues. Last year, 25 states adopted restrictions on access to abortion, including abortion bans, forced ultrasound laws, bars on insurance coverage, biased counseling requirements, and unnecessary and onerous regulations for providers. Under siege, clinics are closing. Come learn about national trends in reproductive rights and participate in a discussion on the future of reproductive freedom in the United States.

May 29-31, 2013

2013 RJ A3inA2 Conference
Reproductive Justice: Activists, Advocates, Academics in Ann Arbor

915 E. Washington Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Registration Required: Kindly RSVP by May 19, 2013 by clicking here.
Agenda: Click here.

CRRJ's own Jill Adams, Elena Gutiérrez, and Zakiya Luna will be presenting separately at an upcoming conference, which intends "to advance reproductive justice by exploring the intersections of activism, advocacy, and academia," to be held at the University of Michigan May 29-31, 2013.

April 18, 2013

4:00 – 5:30
132 Boalt Hall
"The Maximum Family Grant Rule: Invading Privacy, Punishing Moms, Harming Kids"

CalWORKs is a program that provides cash assistance to low income California families with children, with the goal of getting parents working and families out of poverty. However, a rule called the "Maximum Family Grant" prevents a family on CalWORKs from receiving additional aid for a new child, unless the mother can show that very limited forms of birth control failed to prevent the pregnancy, or the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest. This policy inserts the state into private family decisions, punishes women who have more children than the state approves, and further harms children born into families already living in poverty.

Come learn about how a coalition of advocates, including current and former Berkeley law students, are fighting to repeal this misguided policy. This panel is convened by the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law and the East Bay Community Law Center. It is cosponsored by the Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice, Berkeley Law Students for Reproductive Justice, Boalt Hall Women's Association, STOPDV, and Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice.

Free. Open to the public. Refreshments provided.

Registration Required: Kindly RSVP by April 17 by clicking here.

To download the flyer, click here.

To download the video, click here.

To download the issue brief, “Bringing Families out of ‘Cap’tivity: the Need to Repeal the CalWORKs Maximum Family Grant Rule,” click here.

February 21, 2013

12:00 – 1:00
ACLU of Northern California
“40 Years After Roe: Examining the Social, Political, and Economic Impact of the Constitutional Right to Abortion”
RSVP here

The Bay Area Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society, American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California present, “Forty Years after Roe: Examining the Social, Political and Economic Impact of the Constitutional Right to Abortion,” featuring:
  • Maggie Crosby, Staff Attorney, American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California
  • Zakiya T. Luna, UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Beth Parker, Chief Legal Counsel, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California
  • Tracy Weitz, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences, Director, Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health, Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, University of California, San Francisco
  • Ben Berkowitz (moderator), Partner, Keker & Van Nest LLP

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the United States Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Roe v. Wade(1973). After four decades, the right to abortion remains one of America’s most controversial issues. What is the current state of reproductive freedom in California and beyond? Join us for a panel discussion regarding the social, political and economic impact of the Court’s decision on women, families and communities across America.

February 13, 2013

12:00 – 1:00
602 Barrows (Conference Room)
"Domesticating Human Rights: The Unexpected Success of the Reproductive Justice Movement"

Zakiya Luna, UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice, presents Having grown from a handful of marginal organizations, the reproductive justice movement serves as an exemplar of a U.S. Social movement that made a “Non-resonant” framing choice while still achieving the type of success much social movement scholarship suggests can only be achieved through resonance seeking. This presentation draws on interviews, archival documents and observation to examine some of the factors that influences the framing choice and the consequences of it on the wider women’s movement.

January 22, 2013

State Capitol, Sacramento
AB 154 Press Conference

Jill E. Adams, Executive Director, to represent the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at a press conference announcing the introduction of an assembly bill that would increase access to abortion. AB 154 (Atkins) will expand the types of trained healthcare professionals who can provide abortions, thereby increasing access and improving care.

January 21, 2013

40 Years Since Landmark Abortion Case
Radio Interview

Kristin Luker, Faculty Director, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law, interviewed by Australia’s ABC radio.

January 20, 2013

Nile Hall in Preservation Park Honoring Legacies of Justice: 40 Years of Roe v. Wade

CRRJ Working Group members, Rev. Darcy Baxter and Julie Brock, organized this evening of testimony, song, and community honoring the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade in Oakland’s historic Preservation Park.

January 18-19, 2013

UCLA School of Law
Liberty/Equality: The View from Roe’s 40th and Lawrence’s 10th Anniversaries

Kristin Luker, Faculty Director, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law to speak at upcoming conference: Liberty/Equality: The View from Roe’s 40th and Lawrence’s 10th Anniversaries, to take place January 18-19, 2013, at the UCLA School of Law. American Constitution Society is co-sponsoring the conference with the UCLA School of Law, the Williams Institute, the Yale Information Society Project, and the Program for the Study of Reproductive Justice. As we commemorate the anniversaries of two landmark Supreme Court decisions, Roe and Lawrence, the conference will bring together leading experts on gender and sexuality to analyze the past, situate current conflicts, and contemplate the future. The conference will feature panels on sexual freedom, constitutional frameworks, social movements, religious liberty, families, and information.

Follow these links for student registration and non-student registration.

November 14, 2012

4:00 – 5:00
Boalt Room 170
Watch the video

Lynn Paltrow of National Advocates for Pregnant Women will present, “Roe v. Wade and the New Jim Crow: Reproductive Justice in the Age of Mass Incarceration,” forthcoming, American Journal of Public Health. Nearly 40 years ago, Roe v. Wade decriminalized abortion. So, why are women who have abortions being arrested today? Why are hundreds of pregnant women being subjected to arrests, detentions, and forced medical interventions? This talk will examine the relationships among abortion, race, the war on drugs, and the growth of the prison industrial complex. RSVP to

November 9, 2012

4:30 - 6:30
District Lounge

Sow seeds for fruitful partnerships and future collaborations at this invitation-only reception for scholars presenting about reproduction at the National Women’s Studies Association conference and reproductive health, rights, and justice advocates.

October 29, 2012

6:00 – 8:00 PM
Kate Buchanan Room
Humboldt State University

Zakiya Luna, UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law to present keynote address, “Race, Gender and Human Rights: the Future of Reproductive Justice in the U.S.” Her presentation is part of the Campus Dialogue on Race, entitled, “Challenging Freedom and (In)Equality.”

October 24, 2012

4:00 – 6:30 PM
113 Vera Long
Mills College

Jill E. Adams, Executive Director, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law will give a guest lecture in Prof. Edith Kinney’s Law & Public Policy course in the MPP program at Mills College.

October 4, 2012

12:45 PM – 1:45 PM
132 Boalt Hall
Intersectionality: Examining the Law with Greater Complexity

Zakiya Luna, President's Postdoctoral Fellow, Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at Berkeley Law. In our previous session on 'Race and the Law,' we challenged the notion that law is neutral using a critical race theory lens. This week you will be introduced to tools to examine the law through an intersectional framework that includes structures such as gender and class. In an interactive session led by Zakiya Luna, we'll explore the implications of legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw's concept of 'intersectionality' in the realms of social movements, legal practice and their intersections.

August 28, 2012

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
105 Boalt Hall
Eugenics in California: A Legacy of the Past?

For much of the 20th century, California was at the forefront of eugenic ideology and practices in the United States, and holds the dubious distinction of being the state with the highest number of eugenic sterilizations performed under the authority of law – some 20,000 procedures between 1909 and the mid-1950s. Coerced sterilizations continued in public hospitals into the 1970s, and it has recently come to light that in very recent years, women prisoners in California have been sterilized without their consent or knowledge. Today, California is a leader in research and services related to human genomics and assisted reproductive technologies. Speakers at this public event will consider the long history of eugenics in California and explore continuities and discontinuities in the uses and misuses of genetic ideas and practices.

Watch the video here

April 5, 2012

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Goldberg Room 297
Reception to Inaugurate CRRJ

A celebration with and for everyone who helped to turn an interesting idea into a promising endeavor