Friends of the Center

California Supreme Court Clinic at UC Davis School of Law 
In 2012 the UC Davis School of Law launched the first and only law school clinic focused on litigating cases before the California Supreme Court. The California Supreme Court Clinic, led by clinic director Aimee Feinberg, gives students the invaluable opportunity to work on actual cases pending before the state's highest court.

The California Supreme Court Historical Society 
Founded in 1989, the California Supreme Court Historical Society is dedicated to recovering, preserving, and promoting California's legal and judicial history, with a particular emphasis on the state's highest court. The Society serves the interests of the bench and bar, the academic community, and the general public through its publications, educational programs and support of scholarly research. In addition, the Society assists private and public agencies with exhibitions, oral histories, court tours, and the acquisition and archiving of judicial materials.

Institute of Governmental Studies
Founded in 1919 and led by Director of the Institute, Professor Jack Citrin, IGS is an interdisciplinary organized research unit at UC Berkeley. The Institute and its affiliated centers spearhead and promote research, programs, seminars and colloquia, training, educational activities, and public service in the fields of politics and public policy, with a strong focus on national and California politics. Current IGS research focuses include institutional policy and design, political reform, term limits, campaign finance, redistricting, direct democracy, presidential and gubernatorial politics, representative government, the politics of race and ethnicity, immigration, and globalization.

Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics
As a part of the University of Southern California Department of Political Science, the mission of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics and Director Dan Schnur is to motivate students to become active in the world of politics and encourage public officials to participate in the daily life of USC.

Center for State Constitutional Studies
The Center for State Constitutional Studies at Rutgers University is an interdisciplinary institute dedicated to promoting public understanding of American state constitutions and of sub-national constitutions in other federal systems through research, publications, lectures, conferences, consultation services, and educational initiatives. Together, center director Professor G. Alan Tarr and associate director Professor Robert F. Williams have defined the field of state constitutional law.

California Academy of Appellate Lawyers

Founded in 1972, the Academy is the nation's oldest lawyers' organization dedicated to appellate practice. Our members are California lawyers with substantial appellate experience, who are elected to membership after rigorous scrutiny of their skill in advocacy before the appellate courts. Click About Us to see an informal history of the organization. The Academy often appears as amicus curiae in cases involving important issues of appellate practice.