Cross-registration With Other Departments

Boalt's environmental law program is part of a larger community of environmental studies programs on the UC Berkeley campus. CLEE encourages Boalt students to take advantage of the environmental classes available at other departments at UC Berkeley. Likewise, students at other departments are invited to explore the offerings in the environmental field here at Boalt.

Students often need to apply separately to Boalt and their grad school of interest for admission into each program.  There is no guarantee that a student admitted to one program will be admitted to the other simply because they have indicated interest in the program.  In addition, while students may start in either their desired progam or the law school, the student must complete their first year of law school entirely in the law school.  However, for subsequent years, the student may take classes from either school. 

Students are encouraged to talk with the faculty at both the law and grad school of their choice in order to find potential mentors or advisors.  These contacts will most likely need to be included in the application. 

Please explore the links listed to the right for additional information related to your program of study, as well as contact information for relevant parties.