Student Organization Handbook

The Handbook covers the most common topics essential to running a student organization here at Boalt Hall. Any questions should be directed to the Office of Student Services.

1. Becoming Official

Registering your student group with the Office of Student Services will afford you certain benefits, such as: reserving rooms within Boalt Hall, the opportunity to apply for funding, an “” email address for your group, and, in certain circumstances, server space for a group website.

Student groups must conduct activities in accordance with all regulations governing campus organizations, use of facilities, and public expression. Registered student groups are not recognized by the University to conduct off-campus activities as an organization.

Groups must register to become an official Boalt student organization. Any questions regarding registration should be directed to the Office of Student Services.

A. Registration

Once you’ve submitted the funding request application and received approval from the Dean of Students, you must fill out a Reimbursement Form following the event. Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions for what documentation will be needed in order to be reimbursed (i.e., original receipts, documentation of attendance, travel documentation, hotel bills, etc).

1. Complete the “Application for Registration of a Student Organization” just once for the entire academic year. The form is available from the Office of Student Services.
    • New Student Organizations need to supply a mission statement, faculty sponsor and at least two contacts.
    • Continuing Student Organizations will need to supply Student Services with updated contact information after the spring elections for the members and faculty sponsor. 

2. Register with Berkeley's Lead Center if you anticipate that your group will be requesting funds from the Graduate Assembly, you need an alcohol permit, or will need to reserve non-Boalt Hall campus facilities.

B. Summer Contact

It is expected that most student organizations will elect officers in the spring semester for the following academic year. If your organization will not hold elections until fall semester, you must designate a member to act as the summer contact person for the group. This person will be responsible for responding to email messages sent to the group’s “@law” email address.

2. Funding

Student organization funding is available from three main sources:  the Boalt Hall Student Association (BHSA), the Office of Student Services, and the Berkeley Graduate Assembly (GA). Student organizations may also raise funds through the Alumni Office.

A. BHSA Funding

By funding student organizations, BHSA seeks to fulfill a mission of service. Those organizations which seek to serve segments of the Boalt community, the Boalt community at large, and the broader community shall receive the highest funding priority.

The Treasurer of BHSA will hold an orientation in conjunction with Student Services (usually within the first few weeks of the fall semester) to explain the funding process and answer any questions from members of student organizations. The meeting is open to any interested parties and is publicized widely.

Student organizations interested in applying for BHSA funding should consult the BHSA website.

Individual students seeking reimbursement out of a student organization's BHSA funds must submit a signed hard copy of the law BHSA/Student Services/Alumni Reimbursement Request Form to the Office of Student Services with all required documentation attached.

B. Office of Student Services

The Office of Student Services’ Fund is intended to benefit the Boalt Community by supporting activities that will advance the professional and academic development of students and/or help to foster a creative and positive atmosphere at the Law School. Our budget, however, is small and our commitment is to fund as many group and individual activities as possible therefore funding is on a case-by-case basis. The Student Services’ Fund will go to individual student participation in academic or professional events off-campus (such as conferences, retreats, workshops, and the like). Students interested in applying for funds from the Office of Student Services must contact the Office as early as possible prior to the event to fill out the application and submit the required documentation for approval by the Dean of Students.

C. Graduate Assembly

The GA has the following general funding and grants available: Graduate Meetings, Events & Resources Funding; Student Activism, Campus Diversity, Community Service and Educational Improvement Grants; Publication Funding; Contingency Funding; Travel Awards. For more details, visit the GA website.

D. Fundraising

If your group would like to do any fundraising, you must contact the Alumni Center before doing so. The Alumni Center provides all fundraising services including solicitation/acknowledgement advice, donor lists and processing of gifts.

3. Operations

A. Email Accounts

Registered student organizations are eligible for an “” email address. This address works as a forwarding account, which means that messages sent to it will be forwarded to the person(s) designated as the “email contact” on the group registration form. To find out who is designated as the recipient of messages sent to your group’s email address or to change the recipient, send an email to the Student Services Advisor.

B. Website

Updates to the group descriptions on the Boalt website should be sent to the Student Services Advisor.

C. Bulletin Boards

Every journal and many student organizations have bulletin board space for posting announcements. Since the fire marshal has determined that we cannot add more bulletin boards, BHSA divided up the remaining boards to allow more groups to have space.  Requests for a bulletin board should be directed to BHSA.

For those groups with bulletin board space, it is important that you keep your board up-to-date or your space may be given to another group. There are three times during the academic year when it is especially important that your board is up-to-date: for 1L orientation on the Wednesday before classes begin in the fall; by October 1st for the All-Alumni Reunion; and by April 1st for Admitted Students’ Visit Day.

All Bulletin Boards are subject to the Boalt Posting Policy.

D. Office Space

Office space within the law school is at a premium. Currently, we have no additional space for new student organizations. Requests for office space should be sent to BHSA. The following information is included for groups with office space.

1. Office Access

Offices located outside of the Student Center have a keypad on the door. For access to offices located in the Student Center, students must complete the ‘Key Card Access Form’ in the Student Services Office. Access cannot be granted immediately and may take up to a week to be processed.

2. Changing Office Door codes

If your office has a keypad lock, you may have it changed at the beginning of the academic year. To have your door code re-set, the group chair should send an email request to the Director of Student Service.

3. Cleaning

It is the responsibility of each student journal and organization to keep its office clean. If you need to dispose of more trash and/or recycling than can fit in your trash can/recycling bin, please use the outside bins between the law school and the JSP building. You can reach these bins by exiting the building near the Office of Student Services or near the North Addition elevator.

4. Heating/Lighting Problems

Contact Building Services to report any heating or lighting problems.

4. Event Planning

Before scheduling a large-scale event, it’s a good idea to check the online calendar for event conflicts. You may also want to check with Student Services, as they may have an idea of other events being planned by student groups or by other entities or departments within the law school.

The Event Services website contains information on how to reserve rooms, submit your event to the various Boalt calendars, request a/v equipment, set-up requests and clean-up. Please pay particular attention to the policies and procedures governing the serving of alcohol at events.

Policies Governing Student Organizations

Student organizations must conduct activities in accordance with all Boalt and university policies and regulations. Some of those policies are linked to below for your information. A complete list of campus policies is available here.

  • Alcohol Permit Procedures and Policy
  • Campus Policy on Discrimination
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and Student Groups
    • If your group is hosting an event or printing materials, you should include the following statements on your event notices and published materials (once you have confirmed that your event is held in an accessible space and that you can in fact accommodate disability-related requests). Any questions regarding disability accommodations should be directed to the Office of Student Services.
      • For events: "This event is wheelchair accessible. For disability related accommodations, please contact (name, contact information) no later than (date - typically one week in advance).
      • For written materials: "This information can be made available in an alternate format upon request.  Disability related accommodation requests should be directed to (name, contact information)."
  • Boalt Posting Policy
  • Smoking Policy
    • Smoking is not permitted inside any facility owned or leased UC Berkeley. Smoking is permitted outdoors except within 25 feet from campus building entrances, exists, operable windows, or air intake vents. Smokers must make sure their smoke does not enter buildings.