Apple Gets More than $1 Billion in Suit



In a verdict that could have major implications for the future of smartphones and tablet computers, a federal jury decided Friday that Samsung ripped off the innovative technology used by Apple to create its revolutionary iPhone and iPad.

Apple was awarded damages of nearly $1.05 billion by the nine-person jury, which took less than three days to sort through the complex patent-infringement claims the companies had brought against each other, seeking a total of nearly $3 billion. It was the first lawsuit to go before a U.S. jury in what has become a multinational battle for dominance of the global smartphone market.


It is too soon to tell just what the full consequences of the verdict might be. But if upheld, it could lead to a ban on some Samsung products in the United States, and potentially to Samsung and Android phone makers being forced to withdraw and redesign their phones to better distinguish them from Apple products.

"It's going to make it very difficult for not only Samsung, but for other companies to mimic the Apple products," said Robert Barr, executive director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology at UC Berkeley..