Certificate of Specialization in Environmental Law - J.D.

Certificate of Specialization - J.D.

Students may undertake a specialization in environmental law. The specialized curricular program ensures students develop a broad background in fundamental areas of law while receiving advanced training in environmental law. Students who meet the requirements are awarded a Certificate of Specialization in Environmental Law at graduation.

Students who wish to earn the certificate must take Administrative Law and Environmental Law and Policy; complete three other environmental law courses or seminars and one other public law course (i.e., Constitutional Law: Individual Rights, Federal Courts, International Law, Legislation, or State and Local Government Law); and write a research paper on an environmental topic.


Application for 2011 Certificate of Specialization

To apply for the 2011 Certificate of Specialization in Environmental Law, please download certificate information and the application here and deliver the attached application to the Center for Law, Energy & the Environment at the Berkeley Law Telegraph offices at 2850 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 435, no later than April 15, 2011.

Applications can also be scanned and emailed to clee@law.berkeley.edu.

Also, we ask that you complete a brief questionnaire.

An authorization form, allowing a faculty member to access your official transcript, is located here.


2010 Environmental Law Certification Recipients

Environmental Law

Sarah Barker-Ball
Alexander Kates DiGiorgio
Jessica D. Hollinger
Jessica Intrator
James McNamara
Catherine Mongeon
Emily Suzanne Jeffers
Jamey Volker
Jennifer Jeffers
Heather Matsumoto Hoekstra
Harry Moren
Erica Marburg Schroeder
Allison Okiyo Watkins
Brian Scaccia
Robert Moreno
Monica Voicu
Amanda Victoria Lopez
Christopher Raftery
Rachel Rands Jones
Sara Gersen
Sara Clark

Click here for a video of the ceremony.

Last Year's Awardees: Tim Lindl, Jennifer Martin, Doug Karpa, Christie Henke, Stefanie Ilene Gitler, Matthew Henjum, Max Baumhefner, Louise Gibbons, Matt Sieving, Henry Stern, Jonathan York, Misti Groves, Megan Watts.

For last year's photos, click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38611533@N03/sets/72157624191372690/show/.