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EIW Hospitality Suites

During EIW, several firms host "hospitality suites" in various locations throughout the Hotel Shattuck Plaza, which is where the interviews will be held.  These are essentially "open houses" staffed by one or two firm recruiters and sometimes a few junior attorneys.  The firms' purpose in hosting hospitality suites is twofold.  First, they want to meet more than just the students on their interview schedules.  Second, they want to reinforce their contact with those with whom they are scheduled to meet (or with whom they have already met). 

They are anxious to talk to anyone who is interested in learning more about the firm, though a good part of the conversations that take place are light and informal.  At some point after exchanging pleasantries, it would be appropriate to express your interest in the firm and ask some questions about it.  The recruiter may ask for your resume (and/or transcript, references and writing sample, so bring lots of extra copies every day of EIW).  In the past, we've even seen these conversations lead into a sort of impromptu interview.

We encourage you to take full advantage of these hospitality suites (it's amazing how often we've stopped by and seen only one or two students in a hospitality suite).  At a minimum, it is an opportunity -- in a no-cost, low pressure setting -- to practice your professional conversational and networking skills as well as your "sales pitch" and interview answers.  It could also lead to an interview with the host firm.  If you are already scheduled to meet with a firm, stopping by its hospitality suite is a great way to make yourself more memorable and demonstrate your level of interest.  You can also gather more information to help you make a better decision.  You could do this either before or after your interview.  The firm representatives in the hospitality suites are there specifically to talk to you, so don't hesitate to stop by as many as you can. 

The list of firms with Hospitality Suites, including dates and room assignments, appears on the home page of b-Line. 7/30/2014