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Open Sign Ups and Other Ways to Get An Interview

Regardless of how you did in the bidding process, you should consider signing up for additional interviews. There is no limit on the total number of interviews you can sign up, but you will need to make the case to each one of your genuine interest and in practicing in the city of the office for which you are interviewing.


To determine whether an employer’s schedule contains open time slots, review the “Available Dates” column on the employer list in the OCI section of b-Line.  For employers with available time slots, the date in that column will be enclosed in a box and have the appearance of a button.  (Employers whose schedules are full will not have a “clickable” button in the Available Dates column.)  Click on the date button to review the available times and sign up for a slot. 

Do not sign up for an open slot with an employer whose permitted hiring prerequisites you do not meet (e.g., do not sign up for an IP/Tech only schedule unless you satisfy the requirements specified in the employer details).   

If you are already on a schedule of a multiple office firm that requires that you interview only once for a firm, b-Line will not allow you to sign up for a second interview slot.  You put both interviews at risk if you attempt to do so.

New open slots will be created whenever a student cancels an interview.  Cancellations occur in real time.  Accordingly, if you are interested in a particular employer, you should check the employer’s schedule regularly because slots may open up at any time during the permissible cancellation period.   

At the time you sign up for an open slot, you will be able to specify which uploaded version of your resume you want to make available to the employer.  If you do not select a version, b-Line will allow your “default” version to be viewed and downloaded by this employer.

When signing into an open slot, be aware of the other interviews you may have scheduled for that day.  The open-sign ups process will not prevent you from signing into a slot immediately before or after one of your existing interviews.  If you do not want to run the risk of being late to one of your interviews (if the earlier one goes longer than expected), then do not sign into an open slot immediately before or after one of your existing interviews.


In addition to open sign ups, you can maximize your initial interview options by responding to summer associate/intern/clerk job announcements placed by employers not coming to campus.  You can find those job listings behind the Jobs tab in b-Line.  At last check, there were over 50 such announcements.


In the absence of open interview slots, you can contact the employer directly (contact info is on the employer details page).  Contact information can be found in the employer report on our EIW webpage (more office specific contact information may be available via  Let them know you were hoping to get an interview through the bidding process, that you were unable to, and that you would be interested in meeting with them.

You can also try to stop in and see the employer at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza (where all the EIW interviews are held) during one of their scheduled breaks, or at the beginning or end of the interview day. 

Finally, the employer might be hosting a reception or hospitality suite on the day of (or the evening before or after) their interviews that will give you an opportunity to meet with them.   7/30/2014