We have seen announcements that campus is moving their email and calendar to Google, are we doing that?

The School of Law will be participating in the migration from CalAgenda to Google Calendar that is happening in July. The proposed email migration for the School of Law has been pushed back to at least March of next year and we are still internally discussing options around email for the Law School

Why Google?

Campus leadership decided a year ago to move their central email and calendar services to a cloud-based services. Once the decision was made to outsource these services, campus proceeded to evaluate cloud service vendors. Choices at the time were between Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365. After quite a bit of discussion, a decision was made in December to go forward with Google starting in January. There was the weighing of factors between the two products that included features, usability, alignment with other campus projects, contractual agreements and security+privacy.

What about CalAgenda, the calendar?

Calagenda is moving to Google Apps Calendar. The Law School’s CalAgenda accounts will be migrated with the rest of the campus calagenda accounts. This will occur in July, and Google Apps Calendar will be ready to go July 23, 2012

Will CalAgenda still be around?

Calagenda information will still be available for viewing until December. Users will not be able to make changes.

We have shared, group CalAgenda accounts. Will those we migrating?

Yes, individual and role CalAgenda accounts will be migrating

Can we use Google docs?

Google Docs will be available after the calendar migration. Once you have a campus Google account you will be able to use Google Docs. Though, not all users will have a Google account until the campus migration is complete, which will not happen until well into 2013.

When are we going to move?

Law School CalAgenda users will be moving at the same time as other campus users, for calendar only. In regards to our email, a specific Law School email migration time has not been set. The Law School email strategy is still in discussion.

Will this affect my email at the law school?

In the short-term, we will not be migrating any law.berkeley.edu email accounts to Google. Our email will remain on the current calmail system for the time being

Will I still get to keep my law.berkeley.edu email account?

Any solution that we move forward with will include keeping the law.berkeley.edu email addresses intact

Will I keep the same password?

Logging in via the web to Google Calendar, you will use your calnet ID and passphrase. For your mobile devices you will need to set a new password that you can save on the device. Details and instructions will be posted shortly. The calendar migration will have no impact on your email password

What about my laptop?

You will be able access your new Google Calendar from your laptop via any web browser, Apple iCal, Outlook and Mozilla Sunbird. 

What about my iphone, ipad , tablet or phone?

You will be able to access your Google Calendar from your iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. Step-by-step instructions will be posted shortly

Do I have to change my CalNet ID ?

No, you will not be required to change your CalNet ID. It will not be affected by the migration.

Do I have to change my berkeley.edu email address?

You do not need to change your @berkeley.edu email address. If you currently do not have a @berkeley.edu account you will need to create one. Calagenda users who do not have an @berkeley.edu email address have already been notified that they will need to create one. This does not affect your @law.berkeley.edu email account

Do I have a berkeley.edu email address?


Can I still use my law.berkeley.edu email account with Google calendar?

Can I still call the helpdesk for help?

Our helpdesk will be trained and ready to answer your Google-related questions, along with any other technical support issues that arise.

What will Google do with our information?

What is the privacy policy? Will Google's regular privacy policy apply?

The privacy of data in any cloud service and Google especially is an important question
For email , calendar information and docs in  UC Berkeley's Google Apps instance, different policies apply. The UC Master Agreement and Ammendment with Google can be found here

What if I don't want to move my email and calendar to Google?

If you have any concerns about moving your email or calendar to Google, we definitely want to hear from you. Contact me directly at ggonzalez@law.berkeley.edu

Have other law schools done this?

We are talking to several schools that are considering or are have begun moving users. Michigan Law is currently in the middle of a migration for Faculty, Staff and Students to Google Apps. UCLA Law has also moved its students and alumni to Google Apps.

What if I already have a personal gmail or google calendar account? Will I be able to use them both?

Your personal google account , ‘myname@gmail.com’ is entirely separate from your Berkeley Google Apps account that will look like ‘username@berkeley.edu’ . You can continue to use both but you can't be logged in to both in the same browser at the same time.