Balancing Act: Cyber-Spying Becomes a Business Tool

By Cindy Krischer Goodman, The Kansas City Star


As social media explode and information comes to us in the palm of our hand, we can't resist using what we glean from the Web to gain a leg up in business. We now have the ability to go online to see who got the job we wanted, whether a co-worker spent the weekend golfing with the boss or what new marketing gimmick our competitor might be offering.

Chris Jay Hoofnagle of the University of California-Berkeley believes employers may pull back from cyber-spying as they realize the downside. "Knowledge can mean liability," said Hoofnagle, the director of information privacy programs at Berkeley's Center for Law and Technology. "What happens when you learn your star employee has a problem? You have to do something about it." 4/24/2012