2000 Human Rights Fellows

The Human Rights Center has sponsored more than 100 graduate and professional students to work with nongovernmental organizations and human rights agencies in the U.S. and abroad.


Tracey Brieger is a graduate student in Environmental Science, Policy and Management. She will be working with the Save Narmada Movement in the Narmada River Valley in India. Brieger plans to work with the indigenous communities whose livelihoods are severely affected by the environmental damage caused by massive dam projects.
Susanne Coie is a graduate student in Public Policy. She will be working with the Zapatista Autonomous Rebel Secondary School in Oventic, Chiapas, Mexico to develop an educational curriculum that aims to meet the needs of local communities and to preserve indigenous culture.

Cynthia Cox is a graduate student in Journalism. She is this year's Human Rights Watch/Human Rights Center Summer Fellow. Cox will be working in the volatile area of Central Asia to develop documentation of human rights abuses.

Kevin Dixon is a graduate student in Southeast Asian Studies. He plans to work with JATAM, the Mining Advocacy Network in Indonesia. Dixon will help to establish a system of advocacy both at the JATAM Secretariat and in cooperation with regional partners to address issues of environmental degradation and human rights violations.

David Gross is a graduate student in Journalism who will partner with Hammer Forum e.V. in Prizen, Kosovo, a non-governmental organization that provides medical humanitarian aid to children in war torn areas. He will be documenting life in post-war Kosovo using photography, audio-recordings and the written word to capture the effect of war on ordinary people, their families and their environment.

Matthew Iverson is an undergraduate student in Interdisciplinary Studies. He will be working with Project Concern International in Lusaka, Zambia. Iverson plans to develop a participatory action research model with street children in Lusaka whose family members have perished due to AIDS.

Karen Levy is a graduate student in Environmental Science, Policy and Management. Levy has chosen International Rivers Network as her community partner in Guatamala. She will be working to develop the Reparations Campaign that seeks to redress the wrongs suffered by communities displaced by large-scale dam construction. In particular, Levy will study the effects of the Chixoy Dam that resulted in the massacre of Maya-Achi Indians in the community of Rio Negro.

Amina Luqman is a graduate student in Public Policy who will be working with the Uganda Land Alliance. She will assist the organization in developing advocacy techniques, lobbying and workshops to strengthen women's land rights.

Jennifer Reisch is a student at Boalt Hall School of Law. Reisch will be working with the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She will work with the Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Program to defend immigrants' rights to education, legal representation, health care, housing and employment.

Anna Schmidt is a graduate student in Political Science. She will spend her summer fellowship with Human Rights Watch in Tanzania investigating the treatment of refugees within a host country. Tanzania is host to one of the largest refugee programs in Africa and has experienced a dramatic shift in its policies towards those who seek refuge within its boarders.

Damir Arnaut is a student at Boalt Hall School of Law. He has been selected to receive a special fellowship for his work with the U.N. High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). He plans to work in both Bosnia and in Geneva examining a relatively new area of focus for the UNHCR, the provision of legal services in the area of property rights. Arnaut's expertise and language fluency will make him an important contributor to this project.