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Summer Public Interest/Public Sector Fellowship

Application and Guidelines Now Online!

The 2013 Berkeley Law Public Interest/Public Sector Summer Fellowship Program Guidelines and Application Form are now available! Applications and all components must be submitted no later than 5PM on Monday, April 1st, 2013.

If you have not finalized your summer plans by the application due date but expect to seek a Berkeley Law Summer PIPS Fellowship, please still submit a application by the deadline indicating that you are still searching for summer employment.  In addition, if you have not done so already, please make an appointment or drop by to meet with a counselor in the Career Development Office so that we can assist you in your job search efforts.

The Guidelines and Application Form are also to be used to apply for summer fellowships offered by the following student organizations:

--Boalt Hall Committee for Human Rights
--Boalt Hall Queer Caucus
--Boalt Hall Women's Association
--Ecology Law Quarterly

In addition to the online application, timely submission of the following additional components are also required:

1) An Employer Certification Form signed by your employer and returned to the CDO (please leave yourself enough time to get the Certification completed by your employer and submitted by the deadline!),
2) An updated resume uploaded to b-Line, and
3) 25 hours or more of eligible pro bono work logged using the Pro Bono Dashboard*

*Each organization has a slightly different set of eligibility requirements and submission procedures, so please read the Guidelines carefully. 

The online Application and all components must be submitted no later than 5PM on Monday, April 1st. 

Please note that the Berkeley Law Foundation is coordinating their summer fellowships process separately this year with an application deadline in early March--please contact them directly for more information. 

Combining Sources of Funding

The Berkeley Law Summer PIPS Fellowships ("Edley grants") can be combined with funding from other sources, up to a cap of $5,000 total ($6,000 if Federal Work-Study funds are used) for 1Ls, and $6,000 for 2Ls.  The program guarantees $4,000 to all eligible 1Ls, and $2,000 to all eligible 2Ls applying for a second summer of funding.  By also applying for external, student organization, or Federal Work Study funding, students can increase the amount of funding available for their summer public service work up to the capped amount.  As such, the Berkeley Law Summer PIPS Fellowship award should be looked at as just one component of your summer funding.  1Ls can also elect to reserve or "bank" any excess funds they receive this year to be available for use next summer. 

You can read more about how the funding cap and banking work on our website.  External funding opportunities can be found at

Special Note on "Second Timer" Funding

The "second timer" stipend of $2,000 will be awarded on top of any funds banked from the prior summer.  In addition, students are eligible to compete for limited, supplemental fellowship funds set aside for "second timers."  Students applying for a second summer of funding need not complete an additional 25 hours of service in order to qualify.  Students must request this support in the online Application and meet the qualification requirements to be eligible for this funding as stated in the Application.  Review the Guidelines for more information about "second timer" funding.

Please contact Alex Lee at the CDO if you have any questions!