Roundtable on "Legal Hegemony in Africa: Reconsidering the Role of the ICC"

February 21, 2012
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Warren Room (295 Simon Hall), Berkeley Law


List of participants



Kamari Clarke, Chapter 3 – "Multiple Spaces of Justice:  Uganda,The International Criminal Court, and the Politics of Inequality,"
from Fictions of Justice:  The International Criminal Court and the Challenge of Legal Pluralism in Sub-Saharan Africa

Lucy Hovil, "A Poisoned Chalice?  Local Civil Society and the International Criminal Court’s Engagement in Uganda,” International Refugee Rights Initiative Discussion Paper 1

Tim Kelsall, Chapter 1 – "White Man’s Justice?  Sierra Leone and the Expanding Project of International Law," from Culture Under Cross-Examination:  International Justice and the Special Court of Sierra Leone