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The Private Sector 1L Job Search; Updated Public Sector Webcast; New Resource

Private Sector
If you are interested in exploring summer job options in the private sector (i.e., for law firms), you may want to listen to the CDO’s webcast entitled ”The 1L Private Sector Job Search.”
(You can check out the accompanying minimalist powerpoint slides here.)

It addresses the range of available options (and your odds), the pros and cons of doing private sector work for your 1L summer (especially if you are planning on working in the private sector for your 2L summer), how to find a 1L summer job with a firm, plus tips and pointers on application materials, timing, and the most effective strategies.

Public Interest/Government
By the way, in case you missed our October program about the Public Interest/Public Sector Job Search, you can find a link to it and the accompanying powerpoint slides (as well as links to webcasts on other subjects) on the Webcasts for 1Ls webpage.

New Resource
We put together a list of the places where our 1Ls worked over the last three summers.  It's organized alphabetically and by employer type (public interest/law firm/government/judge, etc.).  You can find it here.