We provide a number of tools, guides and services to help with class administration. From setting up your seating chart to adding content to your bCourse course website, we work to support you through the process.

Schedule of Classes Page

Before course registration, Berkeley Law students have access to a directory of courses known as the Schedule of Classes. This directory not only helps them to choose courses for the upcoming semester, but it also allows faculty to post a public version of their syllabus and first assignment. You can also post reading materials needed for your course on your Schedule of Classes page and check your class enrollment. 

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Schedule of Classes Guide:

Adding Syllabus and Assignment to Your Schedule of Classes Page (PDF)


bCourses is a learning management system supported by UC Berkeley. bCourses provides faculty and students with learning tools which faculty may choose to use in a variety of ways, including online class announcements, the ability to upload and organize resource files into modules, and web-based collaborations. Students can also upload assignments directly into bCourses and faculty can view submissions and send comments back to students without ever having to download files.

As a service, Information Systems and Technology will create a bCourses for each Berkeley Law course before the semester begins and customize with tools for the coming semester. Faculty will gain early access to their site and can choose to publish their courses to students when they are complete.

Please email for support.

bCourses Guides:

Visit the bCourses Quickstart Guides page

Classroom Seating Chart Tool

The Classroom Seating Chart Tool is a web-based tool created for Berkeley Law faculty. It allows faculty and students to enter students into an online seating chart at the beginning of the semester. Once the seating chart is filled out, you can keep track of student responses and even learn about your students by viewing their profiles and taking a face recognition quiz. 

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Seating Chart Tool Guide:

Adding Students to Your Seating Chart (PDF)

Keeping Remote Office Hours

Office hours are a fantastic resources to students, but often can conflict with the schedule of some students and in certain circumstances must be canceled if faculty are out of town. Using chat tools and video conferencing tools can allow faculty and students to be more flexible on the time and location of office hours meetings. 

Video Chat:

Blue Jeans (Supported)
Fuze (Supported)
bCourses Conferences (Supported)
Skype (Partially Supported)
Google Hangouts


Law School Email (Supported)
bCourses Chat (Supported)
bCourses Messages (Supported)

Final Exam Confirmation

During the semester you are required to confirm the type of exam that you will give out to students. Options may include a final exam or final paper.

Final Exam Confirmation Guide:

Confirming Final Exam Information (PDF)