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the next generation about those catastrophic events. Harvey Weinstein and Timothy Longman of the Human Rights Center joined Sarah W. Freedman from UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Education to lead a series of working groups comprising teacher educators, teachers, and students from different ethnic groups to develop a new curriculum. The final document is a resource book for teachers that provides materials and sample lessons for each of four periods: pre-colonial, colonial, post-colonial, and the 1990s.

Read an article about the project published in the School of Education's newsletter Connected (Winter 2006).

The curriculum is available for download in French and English below.

Curriculum in English, Part 1 of 2
Curriculum in English, Part 2 of 2

Curriculum in French, Part 1 of 3

Curriculum in French, Part 2 of 3
Curriculum in French, Part 3 of 3