The Institute hosts interdisciplinary working groups that employ sustained research to impact policy.

Current initiatives include:

Rule of Law

The U.S. has committed significant resources to promote the rule of law around the world through assistance projects and diplomacy.  The Institute's pioneering approach supports these efforts while dispensing with the assumption that the U.S. legal system cannot learn from other systems. [more]

Water Rights

Of the many environmental challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring safe and adequate access to water is one of the most basic and most urgent.  In collaboration with the Robbins Collection at Berkeley Law, the Institute seeks...[more]

Climate Justice

The Institute is in the initial stages of developing a research agenda focused on addressing various problems caused by climate change, such as the creation of climate refugees or climate migrants.  This work will be done in collaboration with...[more]


Corruption undermines both social and economic development. Its profound impact is felt most acutely by the poor, who are least able to navigate corrupt systems. The Institute is developing a long-term research and policy agenda focused on...[more]






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