Advisory Board & Faculty Council

Advisory Board

The Human Rights Center is honored to have the participation and support of a distinguished group of community volunteers and professional partners.

Richard Buxbaum, Professor Emeritus, Berkeley Law
Sujit Chaudhry, Dean, Berkeley Law
Cassie Doyle, Consul General of Canada
Maryam Elahi, Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut
Elizabeth Farnsworth, Journalist/Filmmaker
Deborah Goldblatt, Community Volunteer
Adam Hochschild, Journalist, Lecturer, Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley
Kathleen Kelly Janus, Lecturer, Berkeley Law and Stanford University
Kim Keller, David and Anita Keller Foundation 
Martina Knee, Bay Area Save Darfur Coalition
Liz Lutz, Community Volunteer
Joan Platt, Platt Vineyards
Juan Méndez, Special Rapporteur on Torture, UN Commission on Human Rights 
Darian W. Swig, Article 3 Advisors
Hon. Rebecca Westerfield (ret.), Mediator
Thomas J. White (ret.), Chief Scientific Officer, Celera

Faculty Council

The Human Rights Center Faculty Council meets twice annually to discuss upcoming programs and explore areas of collaboration. The Council also serves as an informal sounding board and network for research projcets, public programs, and graduate student advising.

Shashi Buluswar, Haas School of Business
Richard Buxbaum, Law
David Caron, Law
David Cohen, Rhetoric
Mark Danner, Journalism
Chris Edley, Law
Laurel Fletcher, Law
Mary Louise Frampton, Law
Sarah Freedman, Education
Ken Goldberg, Berkeley Center for New Media
Jodi Halpern, Public Health
Gillian Hart, Geography
Charles Henry, African American Studies
Neil Henry, Journalism
Marci Hoffman, Law
Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann, History Kate Jastram, Law
Ray Lifchez, Architecture
Beatriz Manz, Ethnic Studies
Michael Mascuch, Rhetoric Art Reingold, Public Health
Lee Riley, Public Health
Andrew Sessler, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Harley Shaiken, Education
Helene Silverberg, Political Science and Law
Jonathan Simon, Law
Bruce Smith, Psychology
Sarah Song, Political Science, Law
Eric Stover, Human Rights Center, Law, Public Health
John Swartzberg, Public Health
Alan Tansman, East Asian Studies
Khatharya Um, Asian American Studies
Michael Watts, Geography
Harvey Weinstein, Human Rights Center, Public Health
John Wilmoth, Demography