Spring 2012 Courses

Spring 2012 Business Law Courses

Law 217            Law and Economics Workshop

Law 244.8         Mediation

Law 245            Negotiations  

Law 216.8         The Law & Policy of Modern Consumer Payment Systems

Law 247.1         Regulation of Capital Markets and Financial Institutions 

Law 247.5         Holistic Leadership: Preparing Leaders To Be Fluent in Business, Politics, Law

Law 248.5         Mergers & Acquisitions

Law 248.9         Silicon Valley Antitrust

Law 249            Introduction to Finance of Businesses

Law 250            Business Associations

Law 251.5         Corporate Finance and Law

Law 251.8         Accounting for Lawyers

Law 251.31       Introduction to Law, Economics and Business 

Law 252.2         Antitrust

Law 253.2         Partnerships and LLC’s

Law 255            Business Law Seminar: Venture Capital and IPO Law 

Law 255.5         Securities Regulation

Law 256.1         Drafting Legal Documents for New Business 

Law 256.6F       Bankruptcy Law

Law 256.9         Secured Transactions (Art. 9)

Law 256.12       New Business Counseling Practicum 

Law 256.15       New Business Counseling Practicum Seminar

Law 257.4         Land Development and Investment: The Art of the Deal 

Law 261.1         International Business Transactions

Law 262.49       Foreign Investment Law

Taxation Courses

Law 258.5         Partnership Tax

Law 258.7         Corporate Tax

Law 259.1A       International Tax Law